Do You Feel Anger? | Production Electrician

Actors Theatre of Louisville | Louisville, KY | Humana Festival of New American Plays | 2018 Written by Mara Nelson-GreenbergDirected by Margot Bordelon | Lighting by Isabella Byrd | Scenery by Arnulfo Maldonado | Sound by M.L. Dogg | Costumes by Jessica Pabst

Production photo by Bill Brymer

BT Humana 2018- stock check.pdf
Stock check paperwork checks the availability of in house equipment and perishable items to help asses what needs to be rented or purchased for a given show, which will inform the overall budget and feasibility of the show.
BT Humana 2018- budget.pdf
Show price out based on the needs of the design and what additional equipment needs to be purchased or rented. Pricing out the design is a back and forth process between the production electrician and the lighting designer to insure that the projects stays in budget, but also fulfills the needs of the design.
ATL Humana Festival Rental for Quote.pdf
Paperwork submitted to one or more vendors to request a quote for rental equipment. Once an agreement on the rental package and price is achieved, a finalized document will be submitted to the vendor.
BT Humana 2018 - 3.27.18dc v2020.pdf
Lighting plots are submitted by the lighting designer to the production electrician. From there the production electrician cleans up, clarifies, and adjusts the drawing to fit the drafting stands of the department,
BT Humana 2018- schedule.pdf
The load in and changeover plan is a detailed schedule that takes into consideration not only the needs of the lighting department, but also the needs and schedules of other departments as well as the labor needs of other projects.
DYFE Perimeter light Wireing diagram v2020.pdf

Several set pieces for this show required LED tape. These pieces also moved during the show, making the installation of the tape and cables more delicate.

Left. Drawing of LED tape and cable installation for flying ceiling piece. Above. Rehearsal photo of ceiling piece and lighting fixture. Both required RGBW LED tape. The lighting fixture also used quad tunable white LED tape, all by Environmental Lights. Photo by Jason Weber.

The properties department custom build 8 pendent lights that were outfitted with both an incandescent flood light as well as RGBW LED tape. These fixtures also changed height during the show.
Left/Right Pendent lights in the electrics shop being outfitted with LEDs. Center. Pendent lights hanging in the venue (LED ceiling piece also pictured. Photo by Jason Weber.
BT Humana 2018- mult.pdf
BT Humana 2018- dmx and hp.pdf
BT Humana 2018- LED projects.pdf
Load-in paperwork given to lighting technicians by the production electrician during the load-in period. Load-in paperwork facilitates the efficient and proper installation of lighting and electrical elements. Paperwork is often used in conjunction with drawings,
Top Left/Right. Load-in paperwork for installing power and communication cables. Left. Load in paperwork for LED tape.
BT Humana - Board Operator checklist.pdf
Paperwork provided to the lighting technician running and maintaining the show during the performance. This ensures that the equipment will work properly and that the show will look like what the designer intended.