A Christmas Carol | Project Management | Production Electrician

Actors Theatre of Louisville | Louisville, KY | 2019Written by Charles DickensDirected by Drew Francher | Lighting by Thomas C Hase | Costumes by Kristopher Castle | Scenery by Antje Ellermann | Sound by Matt Callahan | Media by Philip Allgeier
Technical rehearsal photo by Jason Weber
Christmas Carol 2019 - budget.pdf
Costs associated with the show. Because this show is remounted annually, much of the budget can be based on the previous year's consumable costs. One of the largest cost for this show was fog and haze.
Christmas Carol 2019 - fog budget.pdf
The amount of fog and haze used in each moment of the show is estimated, based on the design so that the cost can be estimated and considered.
Christmas Carol 2019 - budget by project.pdf
The budget divided by each sub-project within the larger project of the show can help inform what parts of the show are the most costly.
Christmas Carol 2019 - changeover.pdf
Load-In schedule outlining the guidelines for the lighting load-in based on staff availability as well as the needs and schedules of other departments. Schedules are reviewed and updated daily during the load in period.
Christmas Carol 2019 - line set schedule.pdf
Compiled list of pipe and hardware needed to install additional lighting positions for the show. This is handed off to a team who will use this along with a drawing to install the new positions.
Christmas Carol PLOT NEW.pdf
Christmas Carol DECK NEW.pdf
Lighting grid plan and deck plan. Original submissions by the lighting designer is cleaned up, clarified and standardized to the drafting standards of the lighting department by the production electrician. These drawings will be distributed to lighting technicians in order to accurately, efficiently, and safely install the lighting equipment as directed by the production electrician.
tracking wall.pdf
deck and lamps.pdf
the D.pdf
Drawings created by production electrician to pull out and simplify important information about the lighting load-in process and given to the lighting technicians. This drawing will guide each technician in the proper way to install all electrical element up to the standard of the department.
Christmas Carol 2019 - mult.pdf
Christmas Carol 2019 - hp and data.pdf
Paperwork detailing the proper and electrically sound way to install various piece of lighting equipment and the electrical and communication cable that goes along with it. This installation detail will also allow for easy trouble shooting.
Christmas Carol 2019 - Board Operator Checklist PB.pdf
Paperwork provided to the technician running and maintaining the show during the performance. This ensures that all equipment will work properly and that the show will look like what the designer intended.