Dani is a live entertainment project manager based in Louisville, Kentucky, specializing in lighting. She has been working in live entertainment lighting for more than 14 years - providing lighting production and drafting services for over 40 clients and companies across the United States.

Not limited to any one area, her experience has crossed disciplines exploring both the artistic and technical elements of lighting for theatre, dance, opera, museums, television and fashion. Her freelance experience has taught her to remain adaptable when faced with challenging situations or difficult people. Frequently working on multiple projects for multiple clients at a time, she understand the importance of staying organized and efficient. She has dedicated herself to high quality work with a superior attention to detail no matter what challenges each new projects brings.

Project Management

As hands-on project manager, Dani has worked on projects around the country. This experience has given her skill in prioritization, customer service, and budgeting as well as effective communication through drafting, paperwork and interpersonal relationships. Not limited to conventional lighting equipment, she worked with a variety of modern gear including LED Strips and Wireless Control Systems.


As a draftsperson, Dani has experience taking designs from ideas to detailed visual representation and technical schematics, placing high importance on pre-planning and the preparation of accurate documentation. This work has been essential in establishing her as a sought-after collaborator.

When Dani is not working, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors in her kayak or taking a stroll with her cat Sam.