Angels in America Part 1 & 2 | Project Management | Production Electrician

Actors Theatre of Louisville | Louisville, KY | 2017Written by Tony KushnerDirected by Meredith McDonough | Lighting by Paul Toben & Isabella Byrd | Scenery by William Boles | Costumes by Alison Siple | Sound by Christian Frederickson
Production photo by Bill Brymer
Angels In America -stock check.pdf
Angels In America - rigging.pdf
Pre-production paperwork used to asses the availability of various equipment in house, in order to determine purchase and rental needs, as well as the overall cost and feasibility of the project.
Angels In America - price out.pdf
Pre-production paperwork used to asses the overall cost and feasibility of the project.
ATL Angels In America Rental Quote 7.12.17.pdf
Once the lighting plot is received, and the available in house equipment is assessed, a shop order for quote is created based on the equipment that needs to be rented. The shop order for quote is sent to various vendors to determine who has the equipment and who will offer the best package price on the rental.
Angels In America - shop order.pdf
Once a rental package and price is agreed upon, the final shop order is created. The final shop order details the equipment rented for the show as well as the vendor the equipment is rented from. This can be easily divided by vendor and is sent to each vendor once the details of the rental have been finalized. This also helps track the equipment that is received verses what was expected , as well as what was packed to return to the vendor.
Angels In America - schedule.pdf
Above. Load-In schedule outlining the guidelines for the lighting load-in based on staff availability as well as the needs and schedules of other departments. Schedules are reviewed and updated daily during the load in period.
Right. Paperwork provided to technicians to guide them in the efficient and effective installation of lighting equipment, cable, electrical elements and LED elements. This paperwork will guide each technician in the department standards and procedures and allow for easy changes and trouble shooting.
Angels In America - data and hp.pdf
Angels In America - mult.pdf
Angels In America - LED tape.pdf
Angels - Board Operator Checklist.pdf
Paperwork provided to the technician running and maintaining the show during the performance. This ensures that all equipment works properly and that the show will look like what the designer intended.